Whittemore-Wright Company, Inc.
Proud Manufacturers of Quality Products
   for the Leather Industry
Since 1908
62 Alford Street
Charlestown, MA 02129
Mission Statement:

The Whittemore-Wright Company is dedicated to making, distributing, and
selling the finest quality tanning oils in the Global Leather Market.  
Whittemore-Wright offers superior customer service to aid customers and
help them innovate new products in the leather market.

Whittemore-Wright Company was established in 1908, in
Charlestown, the historic district of Boston, Massachusetts.  
Through three generations of family-owned business, our quality
control is more than an idea, it is a personal commitment. We have
dedicated ourselves to producing the finest quality tanning materials
available.  Here at Whittemore-Wright we offer a product that gives
our customers an advantage in price, performance, and most
importantly consistency.  
Dedication to customer service has played a major role in our
position of prominence. Our laboratory staff and technical
representatives are always ready to work out applications of your
particular processes.  We work with our customers to develop
economical procedures that save time and money.  Our company is
also ready to customize special products to your own specifications.
TEL: 617-242-1180
FAX. 617-242-1167
Whittemore-Wright Company, Inc.

Whittemore-Wright Company, Inc
112th Anniversary
Since 1908